HBCU Philosophy Schools in The South - 2022 Ranking

In 2022, we rated 30 HBCU schools offering philosophy majors in Alabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

We rank Howard University (Washington, DC), Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Tallahassee, FL), and Hampton University the best three philosophy HBCU schools in the South.

See the best 30 HBCU philosophy colleges in the South below or narrow your search by program, state, or city in the South. Alternatively, check the most recent ranking of the top philosophy colleges in the South.

Top 30 HBCU philosophy schools in the South:

Howard University - HBCU School Ranking
1. Howard University

Washington, DC, 1 philosophy program

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University - HBCU School Ranking
2. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Tallahassee, FL, 1 philosophy program

Hampton University - HBCU School Ranking
3. Hampton University

Hampton, VA, 3 philosophy programs

Morgan State University - HBCU School Ranking
4. Morgan State University

Baltimore, MD, 2 philosophy programs

Spelman College - HBCU School Ranking
5. Spelman College

Atlanta, GA, 2 philosophy programs

Clark Atlanta University - HBCU School Ranking
6. Clark Atlanta University

Atlanta, GA, 2 philosophy programs

Xavier University of Louisiana - HBCU School Ranking
7. Xavier University of Louisiana

New Orleans, LA, 1 philosophy program

Claflin University - HBCU School Ranking
8. Claflin University

Orangeburg, SC, 1 philosophy program

Virginia Union University - HBCU School Ranking
9. Virginia Union University

Richmond, VA, 1 philosophy program

Florida Memorial University - HBCU School Ranking
10. Florida Memorial University

Miami Gardens, FL, 1 philosophy program

Clinton College - HBCU School Ranking
11. Clinton College

Rock Hill, SC, 2 philosophy programs

Bethune Cookman University - HBCU School Ranking
12. Bethune Cookman University

Daytona Beach, FL, 2 philosophy programs

Morehouse College - HBCU School Ranking
13. Morehouse College

Atlanta, GA, 2 philosophy programs

Allen University - HBCU School Ranking
14. Allen University

Columbia, SC, 1 philosophy program

Benedict College - HBCU School Ranking
15. Benedict College

Columbia, SC, 1 philosophy program

Virginia University of Lynchburg - HBCU School Ranking
16. Virginia University of Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA, 3 philosophy programs

Saint Augustine's University - HBCU School Ranking
17. Saint Augustine's University

Raleigh, NC, 1 philosophy program

Philander Smith College - HBCU School Ranking
18. Philander Smith College

Little Rock, AR, 1 philosophy program

Shaw University - HBCU School Ranking
19. Shaw University

Raleigh, NC, 1 philosophy program

Wiley College - HBCU School Ranking
20. Wiley College

Marshall, TX, 1 philosophy program

St Philip's College - HBCU School Ranking
21. St Philip's College

San Antonio, TX, 1 philosophy program

Texas College - HBCU School Ranking
22. Texas College

Tyler, TX, 1 philosophy program

Stillman College - HBCU School Ranking
23. Stillman College

Tuscaloosa, AL, 1 philosophy program

Jarvis Christian College - HBCU School Ranking
24. Jarvis Christian College

Hawkins, TX, 2 philosophy programs

Simmons College of Kentucky - HBCU School Ranking
25. Simmons College of Kentucky

Louisville, KY, 3 philosophy programs

Lane College - HBCU School Ranking
26. Lane College

Jackson, TN, 2 philosophy programs

Paul Quinn College - HBCU School Ranking
27. Paul Quinn College

Dallas, TX, 1 philosophy program

Livingstone College - HBCU School Ranking
28. Livingstone College

Salisbury, NC, 1 philosophy program

Arkansas Baptist College - HBCU School Ranking
29. Arkansas Baptist College

Little Rock, AR, 1 philosophy program

Paine College - HBCU School Ranking
30. Paine College

Augusta, GA, 1 philosophy program

HBCU philosophy schools in the South by state:

Schools by State1 HBCU Philosophy Schools in Alabama2 HBCU Philosophy Schools in ArkansasNo HBCU Philosophy Schools in Delaware3 HBCU Philosophy Schools in Florida4 HBCU Philosophy Schools in Georgia1 HBCU Philosophy Schools in Kentucky1 HBCU Philosophy Schools in Louisiana1 HBCU Philosophy Schools in MarylandNo HBCU Philosophy Schools in Mississippi3 HBCU Philosophy Schools in North CarolinaNo HBCU Philosophy Schools in Oklahoma4 HBCU Philosophy Schools in South Carolina1 HBCU Philosophy Schools in Tennessee5 HBCU Philosophy Schools in Texas3 HBCU Philosophy Schools in Virginia1 HBCU Philosophy Schools in District of ColumbiaNo HBCU Philosophy Schools in West Virginia

HBCU philosophy schools in other regions:

Northeast: 1 HBCU school

Popular HBCU school cities in the South:

in Alabama:
Birmingham: 1 HBCU school
Fairfield: 1 HBCU school
Gadsden: 1 HBCU school
Huntsville: 2 HBCU schools
Mobile: 1 HBCU school
Montgomery: 2 HBCU schools
Normal: 1 HBCU school
Talladega: 1 HBCU school
Tuscaloosa: 2 HBCU schools
Tuskegee: 1 HBCU school
in Arkansas:
Little Rock: 2 HBCU schools
Pine Bluff: 1 HBCU school
in Delaware:
Dover: 1 HBCU school
in District of Columbia:
Washington: 3 HBCU schools
in Florida:
Daytona Beach: 1 HBCU school
Jacksonville: 1 HBCU school
Miami Gardens: 1 HBCU school
Tallahassee: 1 HBCU school
in Georgia:
Albany: 1 HBCU school
Atlanta: 5 HBCU schools
Augusta: 1 HBCU school
Fort Valley: 1 HBCU school
Savannah: 1 HBCU school
in Kentucky:
Frankfort: 1 HBCU school
Louisville: 1 HBCU school
in Louisiana:
Baton Rouge: 2 HBCU schools
Grambling: 1 HBCU school
New Orleans: 3 HBCU schools
Shreveport: 1 HBCU school
in Maryland:
Baltimore: 2 HBCU schools
Bowie: 1 HBCU school
Princess Anne: 1 HBCU school
in Mississippi:
Alcorn State: 1 HBCU school
Clarksdale: 1 HBCU school
Holly Springs: 1 HBCU school
Itta Bena: 1 HBCU school
Jackson: 1 HBCU school
Tougaloo: 1 HBCU school
in North Carolina:
Charlotte: 1 HBCU school
Durham: 1 HBCU school
Elizabeth City: 1 HBCU school
Fayetteville: 1 HBCU school
Greensboro: 2 HBCU schools
Raleigh: 2 HBCU schools
Salisbury: 1 HBCU school
Winston Salem: 1 HBCU school
in Oklahoma:
Langston: 1 HBCU school
in South Carolina:
Columbia: 2 HBCU schools
Denmark: 2 HBCU schools
Orangeburg: 2 HBCU schools
Rock Hill: 1 HBCU school
Sumter: 1 HBCU school
in Tennessee:
Jackson: 1 HBCU school
Memphis: 1 HBCU school
Nashville: 4 HBCU schools
in Texas:
Austin: 1 HBCU school
Dallas: 1 HBCU school
Hawkins: 1 HBCU school
Houston: 1 HBCU school
Marshall: 1 HBCU school
Prairie View: 1 HBCU school
San Antonio: 1 HBCU school
Tyler: 1 HBCU school
in Virginia:
Hampton: 1 HBCU school
Lynchburg: 1 HBCU school
Norfolk: 1 HBCU school
Petersburg: 1 HBCU school
Richmond: 1 HBCU school
in West Virginia:
Bluefield: 1 HBCU school
Institute: 1 HBCU school
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